Use the medium that lets you fail the fastest

Dec 9, 2022

I see a lot of finished woodworking projects that are well done but have bad design. Design is of course is very subjective. I think this is because learning design takes longer than learning woodworking techniques.

Using a medium that lets you fail faster helps you learn faster. For example painting on the computer is much faster than using oil paints. Using a program like Sketchup or Blender is much faster than making something out of wood.

One problem with doing things on the computer however is that seeing it on a computer screen is different than seeing it in real life. This problem is apparent a lot when doing video game art. Sometimes you make a model in blender and it looks great but when you put it in the game and see it from the player's perspective you realize that it needs more or less detail. In Blender you usually look at a model you are working on from a zoomed out perspective not the player's perspective. Using VR goggles to view 3d models could improve this but I have not tried it.