Should You Switch from Maya to Blender?

Nov 15, 2022

Yes. Don't even waste your time reading the rest of this blog post. Just do it.


I first learned Maya during college in 2000 and after 22 years using Maya I know it quite well. The idea of throwing that built up knowlage away and switching to Blender did not sound appealing to me for a long time. For years co-workers told me how much they liked it (although some warned that it was far from perfect). Finally, a few months ago I made the jump and am very glad that I did.

It's hard to put into words why Blender is better. It is far from perfect. Maybe it's similar to creating an image using oil paint versus using a paint program on a computer. People create amazing images with both but what you can do using paint is vastly limited compared to using a computer. Or maybe a typewriter versus a word processor. Maya has all the tools to create games or movies and some are much better than what is currently in Blender but Blender has tools that breed creativity.

Oh yeah and Blender is also open-source and free.